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Poet: Shibu E. John

Christ and Non-Dualistic Thought

This book is the sum total of my researches and findings which exceeded more than 15 years. All the chapters in this book are written in such a simple language so that even a student of the 7th standard can make out the idea. I didn't highlight any idea of my own. I didn't try to criticize any religion or religions through this small book. I have written this book giving importance to religious harmony and human values.

We can recognize the relationship between Hindu religion and the Jew- Muslim-Christian Religions. Second chapter gives a detailed description regarding the Rishis in India. From the chapter 'Aum', we can see the essence or theme of all the religions is one and the same. We can understand that The Holy Bible strongly supports Astrology, from the chapter 'Bible and Astrology'.

The Jews and the Muslims have been following the everlasting law of God ie the law of circumcision. But why the Christians stand separated from it? The chapter ' The Church built by Christ' is the right reply to the above question from the part of non-Christians. Also we can find from the chapter 'Anti-Christ', that the visions and miracles being done in the Christian religion are not from Jesus Christ.

'The Great Day of Wrath and the Last Day of Judgment' is a warning (description) about a day which will be very frightening and terrible one and also which most of the Christians are ignorant about.

'A Bird of Prey from the East and the Construction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem' includes indications and descriptions about the foreigner who takes the leadership for the construction of the Holy Temple of God in Jerusalem.

The last chapter contains descriptions of a Christian priest who is portrayed as ' A Playback singer of Communal Harmony' by myself. I think, this chapter will enable other priests also to come into the path of religious harmony like this broad-minded catholic priest.

I will be very much delighted if this small book can advance you one step into the beautiful path of communal harmony.


Gregory Thomas Kannanchira (Author)

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Mr. Gregory Thomas,
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Kerala, India
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